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Meet Victoria

Hello & WELCOME! Get to know me a little- I'm Victoria, owner & proud stylist.  I've been in servicing styling & make-up since 2019, & founded my business in 2021! I'm open to all events of styling, make-up, photoshoots, stage, special occasions and more! It's a heart warming experience knowing I am trusted to transform someone on such a such an important day in their life! It has such an impact on me as a stylist. I also enjoy the traveling my career allows me to do. I am experienced in  photoshoots, formal events, and hopefully one day so much more! When I'm not working on the road, I spend a ton of time outdoors all year round with my two daughters. 


My style is effortless & chic with a  natural glowy make-up allowing you to feel like yourself! Every style looks seamless and every application looks flawless! I personally love a less more approach to this type of hair and makeup. Taking a vision and creating a look that enhances your natural beauty. I want you to feel like you!

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