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Meet Victoria Laessig

Hi! I am a bridal/event hair stylist and makeup artist based in the Western U.P. I am passionate of all works of hair & makeup.  Its a heart warming experience knowing I am trusted to transform someone on such a such an important day in their life! It has such an impact on me as a stylist. I also enjoy the traveling my career allows me to do. I am experienced in  photoshoots, formal events, and hopefully one day so much more!
  My specialty is natural-glow, soft- earthy make-up applications and hair styles that are romantic, loose, cascade, modern, and timeless.  I personally love a less more approach to bridal hair and makeup. Taking a vision and creating a look that's beautiful, one of a kind. I want you to feel like you!



Victoria Laessig
Business Manager
Lead Stylist

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