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Styling & Make-up

How to begin!

Fill out the form with as much information as possible  (That's okay if you don't know every detail!)

and I'll get back to you as soon as I possibly can! 

 I am currently booking up to one year in advance. Check my calendar for availability! Weekdays are always available. (You can view at the bottom of the page)

Are you a coordinator reaching out? Go a head and fill out the form as well!

Email is my preferred way to stay in connect with you; All inquires are connected through email so all the details are there for reference!



In an effort to keep myself as organized as possible and to ensure the most seamless experience from time of inquiry, to the big day. all communication for weddings is done via email Please send questions or concerns via email. 

24/7 Support

You can email me around the clock for any questions, concerns or comments! 

Communication includes:

  • Collecting information such as number of services, time of arrival, travel location ( main info listed in the inquiry form)

  • Gathering inspiration photos for your big day

  • Booking a preview (optional). Previews can be made in the Salon section!

  • Finalizing contract with a $50.00 deposit to secure your date

  • Contract, custom service schedule &  client information are emailed for a signature

  • Follow up before wedding with a check in, final payments, & room numbers.

Price & Travel

Travel fee: Outside of a 60-mile radius or 45-minute travel time, there will be a travel fee.

Note: $80.00/per hour for each hour of travel time. 2-hour travel time requires an over-night stay so I'm refreshed and ready to go! More info in FAQ!

Costs: Service costs may start at $100.00 for bridal services and packages starting at $300.00. Additional services start at $90.00.

In studio services will have an additional fee to cover chair rental. 

Styling & Makeup Previews start at $120- $150.00 for 3 hours.


Elopement/Intimate $300.00 (Bayfield-Ashland-Land O'Lakes, Manitowish water areas)

Photo: $170.00 for 2 hours (Local)

Formal: $150.00 for 2 hours (Local)

Prom: starting at $50.00 ( 1 hour)


I'll get back to you soon!


 I am currently booking up to one year in advance. Check my calendar for availability! Weekdays are always available.



Contact directly for more info on pricing, add on services, payments and packages!

  • Sanitation
    Hands are thoroughly cleansed. I use hospital grade disinfectants such as barbicide, hospital grade disinfectants, and 70% isopropyl alcohol for quick sanitation Each Client's makeup service includes the use of brushes used only for them. These brushes are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized before each guest & deeply cleansed after each event. Palettes, pressed powders, and creams are used to ensure there is absolute no direct contact with human skin, product and cross contamination and sanitized with 70% isopropyl alcohol. Barbicide Certified 2020
  • Do you have a minimum price?
    I like to reserve the weekend for bridal parties during peak season. (Late spring-June, August-October) If it isn't busy season, things can change! Fridays & Saturdays-$600.00 minimum up to 60 mile radius or 6 -8 services. $800.00 minimum up to 2-travel time. minimum of 5+ services. $1,000 minimum over 2-hour travel time. minimum of 6+ services Sundays- $300.00 minimum up to 60-mile radius minimum of 2 +services. In-studio- Service price + $25.00 booth rental fee. minimum of 2 +services. Local- Service price or minimum of 2+ service. Monday-Thursday- $300.00 up to 60-mile radius. $500.00 minimum up to 2-hour travel time. $600.00 minimum over 2-hour travel time. In-studio- Service price + $25.00 booth rental fee. Local- Service price or 2+ service minimum.
  • How I should I prepare for my booking?
    Drink lots of water and stay hydrated. A gentle exfoliant or mask the week prior is recommended. Avoid any facial waxing 48 hours prior to your appointment as this can prevent the makeup from sticking. Communicate any skin concerns or allergies PRIOR to the day. If getting a spray tan, please avoid the face or have a minimal light layer as it can cause the skin to dry out and may creates texture on the face. Arrive to your booking with a clean face free of makeup. Apply your usual skincare and take care not to apply heavy layers of skincare that may interfere with the application. Avoid touching your face after the application. Once it has been applied, avoid touching your face to prevent smudging or ruining the makeup.
  • I have extensions, will that cost extra?
    I do charge 20% extra if there are extensions installed or if the guest would like me to style their clip-ins. The additional hair has its benefits but it's not that easy to style! (depending on installment type)
  • Do you work Holidays?
    Yes I will work in-studio or on-site for special occasion services. I won't work on Christmas Day! Weddings/Elopements there will be a $100.00 add-on charge added to your invoice to book on any major holiday! (New Years, Independence Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, & Christmas Eve).
  • Do you have an assistant or team?
    No, I enjoy working solo and having the direct one-on-one with my guests! Everyone has their own style and with one person doing all the services it prevents the different styles from meshing together.
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